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  • What’s the Science Behind Aromatherapy?

    Many people use aromatherapy because it helps them manage stress, reduce anxiety, and treat a host of conditions from headache to nausea to respiratory illness. While many of us know that aromatherapy makes us feel good, the science behind why this is the case is still fairly new. In this article we look at what we know so far about how and why aromatherapy works, and we also look at areas where further research is needed.
  • Feelin’ Groovy: The Link Between Scent and Mood

    It’s no secret that scent and emotion are closely connected. Aromas can make us feel grounded, euphoric, nostalgic, relaxed, or, unfortunately, tense, anxious, and even fearful. As it turns out, there is real neuroscience behind the connection between what we smell and how we feel.
  • What Essential Oils Should I Take to the Beach?

    Whether it’s to soothe sunburn, freshen your towels, or relax your mind and body, throwing a few essential oils into your bag when you head to the beach this summer will help you make the most of your day in the sand and surf.
  • Will We Still Need Hand Sanitizer Post Covid?

    Now that Covid-19 vaccine numbers are up in the U.S. and new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are down, what do we do with all those half-used bottles of hand sanitizer?